Big Discount on Stratasys Materials

We’re Investing in Education. Get world-class materials on a classroom budget Every student deserves hands-on experience with the tools and technologies they’ll encounter in their careers. So we’re taking extraordinary measures to put 3D printing supplies well within reach. We’ve dramatically and permanently reduced prices on all FDM and PolyJet materials purchased by educational instituti…Read More

First Desktop CNC Wire Bender

  Bend lines, curves, or 2D shapes that can be soldered or clipped together to create 3D structures. Wire starter kits include coated steel, aluminum and brass. WireWare prepares your files for bending on the DIWire. Just connect your DIWire to the computer, open any SVG or DXF file in WireWare, and press bend! You can also adjust files in WireWare by setting scale, resolution, and bend point…Read More

New Support Team Member Announced

Our mission at AET Labs is to provide our valued customers with the highest level of customer service and support. With that said, we are officially announcing the appointment of a (relatively) new key member to the AET Technical Support Team, Chris Frates. Chris comes to AET by way of the CNC machining industry, where he worked as a programmer, operator, and technical engineer. His proficiency in…Read More

Amazing Ways People Are Using 3D Printing Systems For Good

Founded on the principle of bringing real-world industry experience into the technical training environment, AET Labs is focused on representing manufacturers offering only the latest technology-based hardware training systems in harmony with standards-based curriculum. We’re really excited about what people have been doing with 3D printing systems and how they’re using them for the g…Read More

Crazy Things People Have Created With 3D Printing Systems

Here at AET Labs, we’re founded on the principle of bringing real world industry experience into the technical training environment and our technology consultants and product solutions reflect this exact premise. 3D printing systems are officially here and here to stay. It’s an exciting time for us. 3D printing systems have been a part of the aerospace and automotive industry for over …Read More

3D Printing Systems Are The Newest Frontier In Technology

Around the year 1439, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with movable type. By the end of the 19th century, this printing technology had been adopted by all regions of the world. It replaced manuscript and block printing, and coined a new phrase for a new branch of media-the press. Sometime around the year 1947, a team at Bell Labs in New Jersey, composed of William Shockley, John Bar…Read More

3D Printing Systems Use Tomorrow’s Tech Today

Odds are you’re aware of 3d printing systems, but maybe you’re not entirely sure how the technology works, or if it’s right for you. Essentially, a 3D printer utilizes technology that enables you to print an object made out of metal, plastic, nylon or hundreds of other materials. While there are several varieties of 3D printers, one aspect they all share is the ability to create…Read More

3D Printing Systems for Consumers and Businesses

If you’re looking to up your level of printing by investing in a brand new 3D printing system, look no further than AET Labs! We have everything you want at affordable prices, so that you can print what you are engineering and make all of your dreams come true. When it comes to 3D printers, there are many to choose from. A few that we have available for purchase on our website include 3D plastic…Read More

3D Printing Systems for Consumers and Teachers

If you are searching for 3D printing systems, you have come to the right place. At AET Labs we are prepared to provide you at home, as well as the teachers in the classroom, with mechanical engineering tools and 3D plastic printers to better your entire 3D education. First off, when you decide to shop with AET Labs online, you will find that we have many great products to offer including the very …Read More