Our Commitment to STEM & Technical Education

AET Labs was founded on the principle of bringing real-world industry experience into the technical training environment. As a value-added distributor for educational training products in the New England region, AET is committed to the concept that hands-on training provides necessary foundational skills in all technical areas. Now more than ever schools are recognizing the importance of providing the tools early on which will help cultivate practical vocational skills and an innovative mindset.

Why Choose Us?

In order to provide our future workforce with the right skills needed to succeed, a symbiotic relationship between schools and industry is absolutely necessary. New England schools are at the forefront of initiatives to install project based learning & STEM training as a basic foundation of our children’s education – from elementary level to higher ed. The AET Labs team is glad to be part of this initiative since 2005, offering technical support, training workshops and FabLab planning assistance. Recognizing that having access to the right training equipment is a crucial ingredient to enriching STEM programs, we provide guidance to schools in acquiring grants and funding. We stand behind our products and will continue to do so long after the factory warranties expire.