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AET (Advanced Educational Technologies, LLC) is a leading Northeast area reseller of educational lab solutions that go far beyond the typical classroom setting. In fact many of the exact same products we offer are found within the industries that your students are being prepared for. Having a symbiotic relationship with industry is absolutely necessary to provide feedback that helps drive product development and gives our future workforce the right skills needed to succeed.

More importantly, once in a teaching environment, all systems
must meet one or more of the following criteria:Career-and-Technical-small

  • Critical safety guidelines for any machinery
  • An integrated curriculum that aligns to local, national and/or collegiate-level standards
  • Provide differentiated learning for all groups of students
  • Contain instructor and student guides
  • Use the latest available technology
  • Provide total customer satisfaction

We stand behind our products and will continued to do so long after Engineering-Education-smallthe factory warranties expire.

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We invite you to contact us at 888.768.4550 to help guide you in the right direction. With hundreds of products to choose from, many of these solutions may not have made it on to our website.

We offer FabLab and makerspace planning assistance, as well as guidance in obtaining grants and funding supporting STEM based learning in New England schools. Download our FabLab planning guide to get started!