Techno Plasma Cutting System

Quality cutting starts from the ground up and that is why the Techno CNC Plasma Series is engineered for optimal performance. Our highly trained staff of engineers use state of the art software that provides mathematical testing of designs, called Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It allows them to analyze load characteristics of the machines components ultimately determining whether material improvements are required to build a better machine or if deductions/different building strategies can be taken to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality. We at Techno go the extra mile to provide a complete system of strength and power while reducing costs. The end result is money saved in our customers pockets.

  • General Specifications

– 2′ x 2′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′ & 5′ x 10′ stock sizesTechno Plasma 2
– Easy to use hand held controller
– Unique design, easy to learn and operate
– Brushless micro stepper motors
– Precision Helical Rack-n-Pinion on X and Y axes with ballscrew on the Z axis
– Plasma table: Steel V-grid down draft
– Welded steel frame construction for rigidity and accuracy
– Cuts up to 1″ thick steel capacity
– High-speed cutting up to 800 IPM
– Compatible with standard G-Code files
– Multiple torch options are available.