3D Printers

SSYS_SYMBOL_S_CMYKSSYS_TYPEMARK_-«_302Professional Class 3D Printers

Your classroom is a manufacturing center and a lot is at stake with the projects created by your students. They must be done right and done on time. Your requirements: Consistency and quality. If you expect more, shouldn’t you get more?

With Stratasys professional class 3D printers you get exactly that. The name of the game is Form-Fit-Function. Will it work? What does it look like?

Choose your technology. With genuine FDM technology you get strong and accurate parts made with ABS,Stratasys_PlatinumPartner_Education_2017Ultem, Polycarbonate and more. With Polyjet technology you get super high accuracy and resolution along with blended materials in color and rubber-like durometers, so you know it’s going to work.

It’s more than just a prototype. It’s your project. Make sure it’s represented properly. Make sure it’s built on a Stratasys machine.